Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Considering Ngorongoro Crater safari?


Ngorongoro Conservation Area is found in the Northern part of Tanzania and a top tourist attraction in the country. The conservation Area was declared as a UNESCO Heritage site in the year 1979 due to its unique diversity filled with animals, highlands, forests and people. Ngorongoro conservation area is a home to a wide range of wildlife and the most unique feature and top tourist attraction here is the Ngorongoro crater which was formed over 2 million years ago and it was named by the Masai after the Ngoro-Ngoo-Ngoro sounds which were made by the grazing animals in the area . It is also a home to major sites in Tanzania like Olduvai gorge which is referred to as the cradle of mankind. Ngorongoro is bordered by the Serengeti National park and they share the Ndutu Area where most of the calving of the animals before the great migration occurs. A trip to Ngorongoro will give you a chance to explore all the sites, wildlife as you enjoy your ‘me’ time in the several camps around.

Arusha to Ngorongoro crater: The Ngorongoro crater is about 180km from Arusha making it an almost 3hour journey if you are driving to the crater. Arusha has an Airport which is the closest to Ngorongoro for tourists who need charter fly-in services. You can either drive to Ngorongoro from Arusha and this will lead you to the Loduare Gate in Karatu village or you can pass through the Serengeti National park from the western side and pass through the Naabi Hill gate. For those that want to use chartered flights, the airstrip is just right at the rim of the crater and although this is expensive, it’s the fastest way to get to Ngorongoro for tourists who are limited on time.

Ngorongoro Safari Cost

Ngorongoro safari costs in Ngorongoro depend on a lot of additional costs like park fees, entrance fees and camping fees. The safari cost to Ngorongoro is affected by different factors which may increase or reduce the cost of the Tanzania safari.

Factors that affect a safari cost in Ngorongoro

Duration of the safari: the more time that you spend on your safari the more you are bound to pay and if your safari is short, you will spend less money.

When to visit: the peak season which is experienced from June to October sees a lot of tourists traveling to Ngorongoro which leads to a hike in the cost of everything like accommodation, transport and food but if you are traveling on a budget, the best time is during the low season which is experienced from November to April.

Size of the group: when you travel as a group, the costs are shared which reduces the safari costs and traveling alone increases the safari cost.

Additional costs: these include insurance fees, shopping costs, park entrance fees and additional safari activities that are not included in the itinerary.

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